Acid blob
Acid Blob
Level 1
DEX 13
Armour 9
Resistances Sleep
Loot blob of acid blob goo, firestone, red gem
Kill XP 9
Depth 0—200

An acid blob looks like a pink blob and moves extremely slowly. While this creature will not actively attack the player it has a passive ability triggered when struck by a melee attack which has a chance to splash the attacker with acid, dealing damage and possibly corroding items.


  • Due to the acid splash chance, attacking with ranged attacks or having your pet attack instead is highly recommended. Even melee fighters can throw items to kill them.
  • A risky but valid strategy for dealing with acid blobs is to unequip any items which can be corroded and striking the acid blob with fists if necessary.
  • Be aware that the acid blob can drop an active firestone upon death. If engaging the acid blob with ranged attacks, it is best to position oneself close enough to quickly scoop up any firestones that may drop. Avoid fighting acid blobs that are on ladders as the firestone may fall quite a distance after its death.
  • Even though it pursues the player, avoiding an acid blob is trivial and other monsters may even become stuck behind it when trying to pursue the player themselves.

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