Snap 2012-08-15 013
Level 16
STR 18
CON 18
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 12
Armour 13
Resistances Magic, Fire
Equipment Fiery Greatsword

Balrogs are a strong and dangerous enemy, usualy met deep in the dungeon. They always wield a Fiery Greatsword. When slain, a balrog may drop one or two bits of balrog innards. They are resistant to much magic, such as Cold. They attack as fast as a skeleton and as strong as a Troll or Ogre.

Balrogs never get hungry, which makes them a good choice for polymorphing. If they eat any sort of food, they will suffer from strangulation


Avoid trying to damage them with spells, but instead use physical attacks.

Due to their default weapon, having your armour fireproofed is also highly recommended.

Snap 2012-08-15 013

A Balrog. You better be careful when see one.