The legendary sword of King Arthur.

Excalibur is found as "long sword". Take care, this is one-of-a-kind.

175% better than a typical shortsword, despite its slower speed. It is heavier than a shortsword. It is 10% better against larger foes than against others. It is also twice as good as a typical longsword.

How to find Edit

Just find "long sword" after identifying "long sword" as "longsword".

  • Try equipping any long sword found, though it's recommended having scrolls of remove curse or non-magical oil lamps as they tend to be cursed.
  • Identify any long sword found by reading scrolls of identify, but it's risky and wasteful.
  • Knowledge any long sword picked-up by level 3 Weapon Knowledge talent.
  • Commerce level 3 displays sword as being worth 1000 gold.

Notes Edit

  • Enemies hit with it get blindness. If you get hit by it, you will receive blindness.
  • Needs sword skill. amount : 3
  • wish as Blessed immutable +3 excalibur