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The flaming sphere is found in the mid and lower levels of the dungeon. It moves slowly and will explode in a ball of fire if damaged, leaving no experience to the player if it dies in this manner.

A significant amount of red mushrooms on the floor will also eventually spawn a flaming sphere.


  • Depths of 700-1300 feet;
  • Depths of 280-850 metres;
  • Chance to spawn in a large patch of red mushrooms (around 20 mushrooms).


  • None.


Flaming spheres have been observed to have the following abilities or behaviours:

  • Alignment: Neutral;
  • Attack: Explode. Explosion killing itself, causing fire damage and the chance to burn items. Also, chance to boil and destroy potions;
  • Deaf: Immune to the effects of musical instruments;
  • Movement: Flying;
  • Resistance: Fire;
  • Resistance: Sleep;
  • Weakness: Cold;
  • Weakness: Water.

Instant Kill[]

The following methods will instantly kill a flaming sphere:


  • A wand of cancellation does not destroy a flaming sphere, however it does cancel the sphere's ability to exploding, rendering it harmless;
  • Dropping a large amount of red mushrooms under a gargoyle fountain might be an interesting experiment.