The legendary dagger of a long forgotten orc.

Grimtooth is found as "crude dagger". Take care, this is one-of-a-kind.

80% better than a typical longsword, partly because of its faster speed. It is much lighter than a longsword. You will take quite some skill with daggers to use it well. It is 20% less effective against larger foes than against others.

 How to find Edit

Just find "crude dagger" after identifying "crude dagger" as "orcish dagger".

  • Try equipping any crude dagger found, though it's recommended having scrolls of remove curse or non-magical oil lamps as they tend to be cursed.
  • Knowledge any crude dagger picked-up by level 3 Weapon Knowledge talent.

 Notes Edit

  • Requires level 4 proficiency with knives to use properly.
  • Grimtooth can burn, so be careful about attacking fire mobs. Pour a potion of fireproofing onto it.