Level 0
STR 12—13
DEX 11
CON 10—11
INT 6—7
WIS 3—4
CHA 11
Armour 7
Resistances  ?
Weaknesses  ?
Equipment Orcish Dagger
Orcish Shortsword
Loot bit of kobold innards, apple, pear, carrot
Kill XP 1

The kobold is a humanoid enemy encountered frequently in the early levels of the dungeon that can sometimes be enountered in groups. The weapons they carry are often of quality -1.

Kobold meat is poisonous.

At Level 2, kobolds grow up into large kobolds.

Kobold stack.

Two kobolds stacked upon each other.

Kobold trap

Kobolds can be quite devastating early on,especially for mages.Beware !