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Scrolls are single use consumables that can be read by the player to cast a spell. Scrolls do not require mana, and any level of scroll can be read regardless of your character's class, stats or skill levels. Some scrolls will have positive effects and other scrolls will have negative effects. All scrolls are lost after they are read.

Upon starting a new game, scrolls are randomly assigned a name from a list of nonsense names, such as "FOOBIE BLETCH", and must be identified or used to find out what they do. A scroll's nonsense name will never change during a game, for example if FOOBIE BLETCH is a Scroll of Identify in your game, then all FOOBIE BLETCH scrolls will be Identify until a new game is started.

A scroll can be cursed, blessed, or uncursed. If this status affects the usage or power of a scroll, it will be noted on the individual page whenever possible.

For information on copying scrolls, see Blank Scroll.

Scrolls PricesEdit

The price at which scrolls can be sold to vendors is determined solely by the scroll type and the player's charisma and commerce skill. This allows players to recognize scrolls even if they are unidentified, particularly if the scroll's base value is unique (e.g. Scroll of Identify).

Cha 9 Cha 10 Cha 12
Scroll Name Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy
Scroll of Identify209155/171(b)1015012140
Scroll of Light502515030140
Scroll of Magic Mapping50231552515030140
Scroll of Enchant Weapon6027155(c)3015036140
Scroll of Enchant Armor803615540150/165(b)
Scroll of Remove Curse8036171(b)40150
Scroll of Teleport10045155/171(b)50150/165(b)
Scroll of Destroy Armor10050300
Scroll of Fire1004531050300
Scroll of Repair Armor10050300/330(b)
Scroll of Create Monster200310100300120
Scroll of Invulnerability200
Scroll of Taming30050450
Scroll of Conflict30050495
Scroll of Charging300 90 100450
Blank Scroll5

Note, Blessed/Cursed status changes the base value of the scrolls by 10% (so for example, if you have level 3 commerce and you pick up a scroll worth 66, then you know that it's a blessed Scroll of Enchant Weapon). Furthermore, burnt status does not change the base value of the scrolls. This table is intended as a guideline of prices seen.

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