Magic salesman

The tailor sells cloth / non metal items such as robes, hats, boots, and outfits that are intended primarily for magic users or archers. He will only buy cloth armor from you (exception: he buys all shoes, including iron shoes).


(Prices may Vary)

  • Fireproof cloth (360-500 Coins) - Gives a single item made of cloth the fireproof attribute. Prevents an item from becoming burnt, as it does often happen past 1,000 feet.
  • Tailor a powerful robe (2100 Coins) - Select a robe, then select an amulet. Applies the effect of the selected amulet to the selected robe. The amulet gets consumed in the process. If use this option with +7 equip, you get +8 after powerful.
  • Identify an item (150 Coins) - Identifies any non metal item. you cannot Identify potions or scrolls with this.
  • Adjust Clothing size. (700 coins). Like the blacksmith, the tailor will demand a second copy of whatever you want adjusted for materials if adjusting it to be larger (small to normal or normal to large).


Stock ExampleEdit