Vorpal Blade

Vorpal Blade

The legendary sword that snicker-snacked the Jabberwock. Especially savage against manxome foe.

Vorpal Blade is found as "odd-lengthed sword". Take care, it is one-of-a-kind.

  • 175% better than a typical shortsword, despite its slower speed. It is heavier than a shortsword.
  • 100% better than a typical longsword. It is heavier than a longsword.
  • 10% better against larger foes than against others.
  • You will take quite some skill with greatswords to use it well.

 How to find Edit

Just find "odd-lengthed sword" after identifying "odd-lengthed sword" as "bastard sword".

Or if you pick up an odd-length sword, go to the inventory screen, and select the sword. If it offers the ability to equip as secondary, it is the Vorpal Blade. All other odd-lengthed swords cannot be equipped as secondary weapons.

Notes Edit

  • Requires level 4 proficiency with greatswords to use properly.
  • Cannot be used for dual wielding.