Wazhack and Nethack are different in several ways, too many to name. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Unidentified items stack in Wazhack regardless of enchantment, or blessed/uncursed/cursed status.
  • There is no sacrificing at altars.
  • Wands stick to your hand if they are cursed. Same with weapons used to force doors/locks.
  • Instead of a magic marker, writing scrolls in Wazhack involves a feather, a potion of ink, (unless it is a phoenix feather, which magically requires no ink)  and a blank scroll , plus a copy of the scroll you want to replicate.  There seems to be no way to make spellbooks.
  • In Wazhack, casting spells will not prevent them from slipping from your memory.
  • There does not seem to be the same recipes for alchemy, however you can pour a potion into another potion, and you cannot pour a potion onto say a spellbook.