Obtaining Edit

A Wish can sometimes be granted by a friendly Djinni after rubbing a lamp, zapping a Wand of Wishing or dipping (throwing) coins into a fountain. A lamp containing a Djinni will bear the message "The oil seems to last forever".

It is a good strategy to identify all lamps as even cursed ones can grant wishes as long as they are blessed to the Blessed or Uncursed status (by a priest or holy water) and the message "The oil seems to last forever" when identified.  Uncursed lamps containing a Djinni are not guaranteed to grant a wish, they may simply thank you for freeing them instead, or they may attack you.  Blessed lamps will have a the best chance to grant wishes. Cursed lamps will have the best chance to spawn a hostile Djinni. Wishes granted by Djinni are granted immediately and dropped at your feet.

A flowing fountain will offer the player three options: “Drink”, “Dip”, or “No” (cancel). Selecting “Dip” will ask the player to select an item from the player’s inventory. The player selects “coins” then selects the number of coins to be dipped in the fountain. Note that dipping coins effectively spends them. If the amount of coins spent is less than the value of the item the message "Not likely for a mere [your offer]" will appear and the wish will not be granted. If enough money to cover the cost of the item is spent, one of two messages will appear. The message "You wonder if wishes ever come true" indicates that enough coins have been spent but the wish was not granted. The message "You wonder if wishes come true" indicates that the wish was granted and the item can be found in unexplored territory.

Using more money increases your chances of getting a good fountain wish.

Wish formattingEdit

Wishing for an item not in the game will result in an error and another try. After the second try, a warning is given, "Be careful what you wish for." Three wrong wishes will cause the wish to fail.

Format: [quantity #] [blessed|cursed] [immutable|other prefix modifiers?] [enchantment +3] [name of item (pluralized or not)] 

Example: 3 blessed immutable +3 red hot pokers

Order is important! +3 blessed silver dragon scale mail will not work, because the enchantment and dweomery are in the wrong order!

  • quantity: You can wish for a maximum of 3. Wishing for more results in 3. You may only wish for one of a Legendary item such as Excalibur since they are unique. You may wish for one pet by asking for "balrog" or whichever monster you would like as a pet. Wishing for extras is recommended when possible, for spares or to sell to shopkeepers.
  • dweomer: Wishing for blessed is recommended.
  • prefix modifiers:
    • immutable This provides fire, rot, and rust proofing but does not prevent armor from being improved with Enchant Armor scrolls.
  • suffix modifiers in parentheticals (these appear to have no effect. To prove it, type gibberish in a parenthetical. It will not affect your wish):
    • large This provides large size armor and clothing that the barbarian and vandal may wear.
    • preserved
  • enchantment: You may wish for enchantments up to +3. Wishing for a higher enchantment results in +3.

It's unclear which modifiers, and how many, can be applied to which items.  It's confirmed that "blessed immutable" works after the quantity and before the enchantment value on a weapon, i.e. "3 blessed immutable +3 red hot pokers".

Common Wishes Edit

Armour and Wearables Edit

Weapons Edit

  • 3 blessed immutable +3 Red Hot Poker (these are really good weapons that actively burn the armor off of your enemies, and hit hard and fast)
  • blessed immutable +3 Excalibur

Scrolls and Potions Edit

Spellbooks Edit

Other Edit

  • 3 Blessed immutable midas bag
  • 3 Blessed immutable Bag of Holding (will contain a few items)
  • 3 blessed immutable Phoenix Feathers
  • Power (grants you a significant amount of permanent mana)
  • Health (grants you a significant amount of permanent health) got 35 health at lvl 17
  • 1000000000 Experience (doesn't grant that much exp, but it does give you lots) only works below a certain level? got very little at lvl 14
  • You can wish for one pet by putting in the monster's name. If you wish for 3, you will get one. You may want to wish for the creature's eggs, or 3 blessed scrolls of create monster if you have a way to tame monsters. This does not work for any starting pets (dogs, monkeys, or cats), or in fountains.
  • Wishing for 3 blessed ruby or 3 blessed silver, will sometimes get you a ruby and a ruby potion and a ruby ring, or silver potion, ring and spellbook. This can get you spellbooks and potions with some colors, orange, yellow, dark green, dark blue, pink, cyan, and magenta. Wishing for 3 blessed diamond sometimes gets you diamonds and diamond rings. 3 fire or 3 teleport may get you wands and scrolls. 3 identify or create monster may get you spellbooks and scrolls. 3 lute or pipe or harp (not plural) may get you regular instruments and lutes/pipes of charming or harps of lullabies.
  • Some things you never want to wish for are: gold (you will get one gold coin.) trap (will spawn a small red circle that you can't pick up that will hurt you, pets and enemies for 20 damage), dummy will get you nothing and no more wish tries, dummy. Hill giant pie will spawn a huge pie that is bugged so that if you eat it, it will put you in a state where you never need food again, and will choke on any food or potions that you consume even though you are not full.

Fountain Wishes Edit

Go to any fountain, choose "Dip" and select a number of coins to dip in. if no water nymph shows up, you'll get a wish interface. Type your wish (check the table below to know what you can wish for). the 4 possible outcomes are:

"You wonder if wishes come true"

Your wish has been created and lies somewhere in the dungeon.

"You wonder if wishes ever come true"

You have 'paid' enough for the item you wished for,but the item will simply not be created. (Seems to be just random chance to keep the fountains from being too powerful)

"Not likely for a mere <your offer>"

You did not offer enough for your wish. You should have another try though (4 tries total). Note that once you have dipped an amount of coins, you can not have them back.

"Even legends do not speak of <your wish>"

The item does not exist, or you did not correctly spell your wish. For legendary weapons, however, this message may appear if the legendary weapon is already located near you, or if you already have it.

General Assumptions :

  • price for 1 item = price for 3 items >>> always wish for 3 (even if you don't need 3)
  • wish price often seems around 4x the actual cost of the +0 uncursed version of the item (not vendor cost, but the price you see if you get level 3 commerce skill). For example, speed boots are a 30 item, and getting them uncursed +0 is 120, while blessed immutable +3 costs you 140. Typically, blessed adds around 10% and immutable adds around 10% to the cost of the wish. This is not a perfect system, but it should get you very close to the right price. So, try this Z x 1.1 x 1.1 x 4 = wish cost, where Z equals actual value. If you don't want immutable, try Z x 1.1 x 4 = wish cost.  This does not hold true for some high value things, like bag of Midas and Amulet of Zaw.  Also, the cost increase related to buffs is not clear, but it seems that +0 through +3 cost the same, while -1 does reduce the cost.]
  • Neither the type of fountain (blue, red, yellow) nor character stats have an effect on wish prices
  • Specifying the size of wished for equip does not seem necessary (barbarians always get large wish equip) Adding "(large) or (large size)" does not seem to affect the result of the wish.  In fact, you can type whatever you want in parentheses, and it will have no effect on the wish.
  • Adding "immutable" to your wish increases the cost of the wish.  If it is something like a scroll, potion, or wand, there is little point in wishing for an immutable version, since you can get it cheaper by wishing for it as a non-immutable item.
  • Similarly, it might be cheaper to wish for a cursed version of something, then have it blessed.

Recommended early fountain wishes:

  • (3BI+3 for each): feathered hat, speed boots, gauntlets of power or dexterity, ornate robe.

Tips Edit

  • It appears that the game tries to place the items in a reasonably close unexplored location nearby, and not always below. In one case, two wished spawned in the single unexplored room directly above a player's head; the wish was made at 1400ft, the dungeon was explored to 2300 ft and the Roman Fort was left unexplored at 1300ft.
  • Items may appear in the Gnomish Mines or the Roman Fort and often do if the branches are left for later and a fountain somewhat close to them is used.

Costs Edit


The costs of wishes changed as of WazHack version 1.3. The costs for versions prior to 1.3 were usually lower.

Prices in the Android version seem a bit lower than the Steam version. NB : 3BI+3 means "3 blessed immutable +3"

Wish Denied Granted Version Notes
3BI+3 Red Hot Poker 328 365 1.3
3Bl+3 Staff of life 800 1600 1.3
3BI+3 kris knife 150 170 1.3
3BI+3 athame 140 128 1.3
3BI+3 longsword 140 250 1.3
3BI+3 bastard sword 330 340 1.3
3BI+3 katana 150 161 1.3
3BI+3 battle bow 310 311 1.3
3BI+3 spiked flail 200 280 1.3
3BI+3 auger 130 140 1.3
3 uncursed -9 pickaxe 100 150 1.3 no need to wish for IB+3, unless you are going to use it as a weapon (221-258 normal +0). If just for mining go uncursed -9
3BI+3 battle axe 280 ? 1.3
3BI+3 massive axe 200 1.3
3 immutable Lute of Charming 200 ? 1.3 cannot be blessed, 200 was enough for 3 non-immutable
3 immutable Harp of Lullabies 204 205 1.3 cannot be blessed
any legendary weapon 4900 4970 1.3
3Bl+3 fiery greatsword 1452 ? 1.3
3Bl+3 greatsword 320 321 1.3
3BI+3 spear 300 320 1.3
3BI+3 sickle 208 209 1.3
Scrolls (immutability is not really worthwhile)
3BI scroll of identify 180 220 1.3
3BI scroll of charging 1451 1700 1.3
3B scroll of enchant armour 450 484 1.3
3B scroll of enchant weapon 385 400 1.3
3B scroll of create monster 596 964 1.3
3B blank scroll 142 145 1.3
Wands (immutability is not really worthwhile)
3 wand of cancellation 463 700 1.3
3 wand of wishing 500 600 1.3

Wishing for a working wand isn't possible. It will get you uncharged wands that can't be charged.

Spellbooks (immutability is not really worthwhile)

***Note - the price of spellbooks is not exactly fixed. The more times you can read the book before it is worn out, the more it is worth. In some instances, the prices below may not work ("not likely for a mere"), but submitting the exact same wish again sometimes works. The book you will get will probably have fewer reads in it.

3B Spellbook of Darkness 511 512 1.2
3B Spellbook of Psi Bolt 539 540 1.2
3B Spellbook of Create monster 1094 1095 1.2
3B Spellbook of Wizard Lock 618 ? 1.3 540 in 1.2
3B Spellbook of levitation 1094 1095 1.2 not blessed worked at 1094
3B Spellbook of lightning 698 950 1.3 Good for charging wands
3B Spellbook of force bolt 798 799 1.2 not blessed - 750 (fail at 700)
3B Spellbook of teleport away 795 798 1.2 not blessed - 655 (seems wrong)
3B Spellbook of sleep 1094 1095 1.2 not blessed - 1085
3B Spellbook of magic missile 1094 1095 1.2
3B Spellbook of light 539 540 1.2
3B Spellbook of cone of cold 2438 2439 1.2
3B Spellbook of healing 1468 1469 1.2 1450 not enough for unblessed
3B Spellbook of finger of death 1450 1451 1.2 1300 not enough for unblessed, 1402 was enough.
3B Spellbook of restore ability 1094 1095 1.2
3B Spellbook of polymorph 2449 2450 1.2
3B Spellbook of Cure Sickness 780 785 1.2
3B Spellbook of Haste Self  ? 1000 1.3
3B Spellbook of jumping 539 540 1.2
3B Spellbook of absorb curse 1000 1500 1.3 1000 didn't work even for 1 unblessed
3B Spellbook of knock 539 540 1.2
3B Spellbook of drain life 725 750 1.2 725 failed for unblessed
3B Spellbook of raise the dead 1048 1049 1.2
3B Spellbook of sickness 489 490 1.2 450 worked for unblessed
3B Spellbook of fireball 2200 2201 1.2 2000 worked for unblessed
3B Spellbook of clean wounds 1089 1090 1.2
3B Spellbook of remove curse 789 1500 1.3
3B Spellbook of protection 1650 1651 1.2 1500 works for unblessed
3B Spellbook of identify 2444 2445 1.2 2407 was enough for unblessed
ARMOR (armor, boots, gauntlets, shields, cloaks etc.)
3BI+3 cloak of magic resistance 328 392 1.3
3BI+3 speed boots 272 273 1.3
3BI+3 levitation boots 270 271 1.3
3BI+3 silver dragon scale mail 4359 4500 1.3

same price for red, green, or gray dragon scale mail, but silver (reflective) is the best

3BI+3 dwarvish mithril plate 3000 ? 1.3 3000 unsuccessful (-3 also rejected)
3BI +3

studded leather

192 1.3
3BI+3 gauntlets of dexterity 362 363 1.3
3BI+3 gauntlets of power 340  ?(340) 1.3 grants +6 STR and +2 AC
3BI+3 cloak of protection 310 380 1.3 v.1.2 - 360
3BI+3 ornate robe 362 363 1.3 provides Speed
3BI+3 helm of brilliance 539 620 1.3 provides Intelligence and Wisdom
3BI+3 polished silver shield 328 358 1.3 reflects spells and wands' magic
3BI+3 pied cap 266 ? 1.3 grants +7 CHA and +3 AC (feathered hat is a better wish)
3BI+3 feathered hat 178 179 1.3 grants +7 CHA and +3 AC
3BI+3 helm of telepathy 498 ? 1.3 grants ESP
3 BI+3 Laurel headband 479 480 1.2 grants poison resistance, normally obtained from Bacchus
3BI +3 cloak of displacement 361 362 1.3 makes it easier for enemies to miss you
black spectacles cannot be wished for
3 uncursed -9 gold monocle 319 1.3
3BI eye mask 170 176 1.3 10% stealth
3BI veil 170 244 1.3 10% stealth
3BI+3 suit of leather armor 114 1.3
3BI+3 suit of scalemail 144 1.3
3BI+3 suit of chainmail 144 1.3
3BI+3 suit of segmentata 144 1.3
RINGS & AMULETS (no point in making these immutable)
3BI amulet of life saving 1451 1452 1.2

1320 is the minimum for non-immutable

Should be same for amulets of slow digestion, reflection, and magical breathing.  Also for rings of teleport, teleport control, polymorph, and polymorph control

3BI amulet of dweomery 555 600 1.3 440 is the minimum for non-immutable

Should be same price for amulets of unchanging, ESP, strangulation, and restful sleep.

3B amulet of ESP 500 550 1.3
3BI Amulet of Reflection 392 1.3
3BI +3 ring of gain strength 723 724 1.2 660 is the minimum for non-immutable
3BI +3 ring of gain constitution 740 ? 1.3
3 uncursed Ring of Levitation 696 713 1.3
3BI +3 ring of regeneration 1451 1700 1.3
3BI +3 ring of magic regeneration 967 968 1.2 880 is the minimum for non-immutable
The Amulet of Zaw 38550 45000 1.2 (It is strange that it can be wished for, but nevertheless it won't accept a blessed one)
3Bl ring of invisibility 723 724 1.2 try 660 for non-immutable
3BI ring of polymorph control 1544 ? 1.3
3BI ring of teleport control 618 1.3 also denied non-BI at 618
POTIONS (no point in making these immutable)
3B potion of enlightenment 900 1400 1.3
3B potion of gain ability 1400 1450 1.3
3B potion of gain level 1400 1425 1.3
3BI potion of ink 300 350 1.3 330 for "3 blessed potion of ink"
3B clear potion

3 bottle of holy water

170 197 1.3
3BI potion of fireproofing 1000 1150 1.3
3 Cursed potions of object detection 700 B 700 C 1.3 700 not enough for blessed, enough for cursed.
GEAR (quills,...)
3BI phoenix feather 550 580 1.3
3BI quill 170 250 1.3 88 for non-immutable
3BI bag of holding 3001 3040 1.3 (2700 was enough for 3 immutable bags, not blessed

Weird- subsequently, 2900 did not work for immutable or for 3 bag of holding, only worked for the plain wish "bag of holding".

3001 worked for 3 immutable bag of holding

3BI midas bag 8008 8600 1.3 1.2: 8250
3B oil lamp 178 179 1.3 no need for immutable
3BI magic whistle 250 300 1.3
3Bl+3 steel arrow 100 1.3 Not the best wish, since you can only get 3, but several wishes could make a decent quiver  
3 mindflayer innards 40 1.2 Usually increases intelligence or wisdom on consumption (+1 INT or +1 WIS), a cheap way to increase these stats. Great for spellcasters. (Blessed or Immutable may help, 27 for non-immutable or blessed, 16 works for normal)

1.3: Possibly bugged (no message shown)

3 golden goo 205 206 1.3 +1 STR on consumption
3 floating eye goo 83 106 1.3 1.3 bug: There is either no message shown or positive messages shown ("ever come true" or "come true").

The wish grants an unidentified goo, which becomes a random goo when consumed (e.g. yellow mold goo).

Orange/Blue Portal Stone 237 ? 1.3